Friday, August 29, 2008

Redemption Spell

“A dash of salt,
Soar strawberry juice.”

Altophobic as I am,
I shall stand on a mountain,
And taste the incense of heavens.

“A butterfly wing,
Dipped in chardonee”

No more white grace.
A squeeze of affection,
From a divine cloud.
Will cradle the fears.

“Mint candy,
Soaked in chocolate”

I’ll scribble my own prayers.
Those Warm tears,
Will melt the starring ghosts.

“A red spike,
And a forgotten wish”

I don’t mind a bitter laugh,
I will mend all the cracks,
Carved in my eyes.

“A slice from a broken heart.
Some purple foam “

Full of flaws as I am,
I won’t pack my dreams away.

“Milk and honey,
Tasting like lime”

I’ll ride a silver leaf,
Reviving my odorless soul…

“Raw apple,
Green lamp”

On my knees,
Buffering all the blues,
Embracing a thought,
Of a “may be…”

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fetal Position

Undressing my mind,
From your whispers…
And a cold bed,
Is all what’s waiting for me.

On my right side,
I try to dream,
Colorful birds,
Filling the far horizon,
Where salvation,
Is no more in your arms.

A stone in my heart,
A secret hiding place,
Is what my tears seek.
Tonight, I find it hard,
To make the first move,
And smile to the firing moon.

Holding the shadow,
Of a red rose,
Drinking sour wine,
My head between my knees,
Uttering words,
Shrouded in blue linen.
Immersing the low beats,
In holy water,
To lose all the trembles,
And open those eyes again.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Italian restaurant,
Sea side table,
Wild tides.
Red wine & crystal smiles.

Long black hair,
Sleeveless purple dress,
Cinnamon breeze.
Rapid heart beats.
Hesitant entrance.

White teeth,
Brown suite,
Hugo fragrance.
Sweating forehead.
Eager moves.

Hot gravy,
Molten candles.
Blank feelings,
Rose cheeks,
Curious lips.
A deck of cards!

1, 2, 3
1, 2, 3

Shoot the moon!
It’s a queen of hearts,
And a king of spades!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I know its winter

I know its winter,
When I curl myself,
On the couch thinking about u.
When I long to u,
In the nippy sunless cloudy days.
When it aches my soul hearing your voice thru the phone,
Where I can't touch you.
I know its winter,
When I gloom for no reason,
When I smell your deep purple perfume,
While u are miles away.
I know its winter,
When I send silly smiles all around,
When I hate the vapor coming thru my mouth,
While am about to kiss you.

A Moment in time

Leaning my shoulder on the wall,
Staring at the ladder shaped clouds.
Wondering about your warm looks to my eyes,
Your runner away eyes when they meet mine.
I am a refugee,
Suffering an aching need to camp in your smile,
To rest my head on your chest,
And softly ring my arms around your waist.
I heard your steps coming behind me,
I listened to your inner whisper,
But I muted my confessing voice…
Protecting my ego from a self-stabbing!
Loving you is inventible.
The sweat vulnerability of the numb lips,
Dying to tell you the truth!
And after the famous three words,
I’ll drown in my dizzy affection,
I’d vanish from the red flush invading my body.._

Precise Feelings

Hypnotize greens.
Delivers solitude.

Held in your eyes,
Cradles the voice,
Of a naked soul.

Cold Vapor,
Wraps my heart.
Invade my breaths.

Floral touches,
From your lips.
Brought fire,
To that dull portrait,
Lying behind my ribs.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ma'aet's Whispers

Aching insane feelings,
Impaired hungry moves,
Wrinkling the glamour of my eyes.
Plant another soil but mine,
Where your seeds can blossom,
Into your dark colors.
I’m strangling the black &white dreams,
Haunting glorious stars,
To wash your essence off me.
That voice holding me tight,
Getting me a ride to another sky,
I shall cherish and obey.
Your remnants in me die,
When I feel beyond the obvious.
And within another turn around the sun,
I’ll be caressing charmed bushes in my land.
And where light is no longer a sin,
My senses will be filled,
With a divine violet flavor.
My heart will be embraced,
By lavender blessings.